Google Tag Manager Custom Templates – What & Why

google tag manager google create a custom

Digital marketing is nothing without accurate and measurable data. If you think plugging money over an over is what it takes, you’re set for a huge shock. Without getting key marketing metrics to understand actions that visitors are taking on your website, you wouldn’t make as much impact as you can. One way to get […]

9 Social Media Lead Generation Tactics To Draw In Loads Of Leads

Research shows that 66% of companies see lead generation benefits from just putting as little as six hours a week into social media. Conversion rates are 13% higher than any other platform. Getting leads from social media is not about creating accounts everywhere – some platforms work better for some companies than others. Table of […]

How To Set Up Email Marketing Automation To Scale Your Business

Setting up email marketing automation can quickly turn into a whirlwind of confusion. For a first-timer, you get to see so many tools and information, and you wonder which is useful. I remember the first time I used MailChimp; I only utilized one tool when there were more great ones that I should have also […]