A lot of businesses and brands are beginning to key into Social Media marketing and as such, competitors make use of social media tools to manage and stay on top of their game day in day in order to achieve their social media marketing goals.

When it comes to tools used for social media, there is an overabundant amount of them but the problem lies in knowing which particular tools work.
Here, I’ll be sharing with you 7 great social media marketing tools which I make use of and would help your brand stand out:

1. Canva

social media maketing tools - canva

Whenever I need to create designs ranging from Logos, Infographics and even videos, Canva is usually the best bet for me. It’s so easy to use especially for someone without any graphic design experience whatsoever. I get to select from a wide array of templates and dimensions to suit any social media platform.

Price: Free, Pro; N2,900/month or N26,900 yearly (a small price to pay for all that value). 

Visual content is a must for audience engagement so get creative guys as you begin your design journey on https://www.canva.com/.

2. Zoho Social

social media marketing tools - zoho social

I like to think of Zoho Social as a lunch basket that holds all my meals (main course, fruits, dessert, and water) together except, in this case, It’s a dashboard that helps manage multiple platforms in the same place. When it comes to managing, monitoring and scheduling of posts for my brand need Zoho Social comes in handy.

Sometimes, there are certain conversations related to my business or brand on social media which I might miss. With Zoho Social, monitoring these conversations is easier as I get to see and engage potential customers on my dashboard. It also helps me manage and schedule posts.  Zoho Social also compiles personalized reports for these platforms making sure that my social media marketing goals are in check.

Price: 15 days free version, then advanced plans vary.

Check out (https://www.zoho.com/social/)

3. BuzzSumo

social media marketing tools - buzzsumo

Honestly, I find Content creation for my brand quite tricky. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell why certain social media posts do better than others. By “do better” I mean engagement with the audience and this is where BuzzSumo comes in. Staying on top of my social media marketing goals means finding the content that works for me and sticking with it. Needless to say, BuzzSumo saved my life.

BuzzSumo works like a Search engine that helps you discover trendy content, top influencers, and mentions of a brand or topic.

Price: 7 days free version, 99 USD/ month (about N36,135 *chicken change in my opinion*) 

So what are you waiting for? Become a pro by creating amazing content with (https://buzzsumo.com/) today.

4. Snapseed

The importance of great picture quality cannot be underestimated. as it whets the appetite of potential customers by attracting them to your content.

Owned by Google, the tool is free and very easy to use even for an amateur like me. I make use of the text formats in creating watermarks and price descriptions on my product pictures.

Snapseed also helps me with editing pictures by providing a variety of vibrant filters, text formats, layouts, etc which I use in touching up photos.

Price: Free

Checkout (Google or Apple play store to download)

5. Inshot

social marketing tools - inshot

The Inshot app is the best thing ever to have happened to video editing for amateurs like me. It is so comprehensive and helps me with cutting, trimming, splitting, merging and cropping video clips. I can also add music, adjust video speed, add texts and stickers to my videos.

Don’t wait for that videographer who’s probably going to charge you an arm and leg for a simple video, simply download the Inshot app today and you’re on your way to creating beautiful video content.

Price: Absolutely Free

6. Bitly

social media marketing tools - bitly

Posting lengthy URLs on your social media platforms is so old school. Bitly helps me shorten whatever links I need to put out there and this minimizes space and improves readability.

Asides shortening URLs, there’s so much more Bitly can do for you. From creating custom links to managing your bitlinks, Bitly offers so much value for Social media Marketers.

Checkout: (https://bitly.com/)

Price: Free, advanced and customized plans vary

7. AdEspresso by Hootsuite

social media marketing tools - adespresso

I must admit, running ads on Social media platforms for your brands can get really tasking. So much work has to be put into creating, managing, analyzing and every collaborating with team members in order for you to achieve the best results from Social media Ads.

AdEspresso helps me organize and maximize my Social media Ads and it is very easy to use. Understanding ads, knowing which works for certain goals was quite difficult for me as a beginner but thanks to Adespresso, I was able to figure all this out and even more.

Price: 14 days of a free trial, advanced vary

Checkout: (https://adespresso.com/)

In Summary, Social media marketing might be a lot of work especially when trying to get your brand to stand out but these tools make the work a lot easier.

I trust you found this useful.

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If you’ve used any of these tools, you can leave a reply in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.

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