7 Best Social Media Marketing Tools In 2019

A lot of businesses and brands are beginning to key into Social Media marketing and as such, competitors make use of social media tools to manage and stay on top of their game day in day in order to achieve their social media marketing goals. When it comes to tools used for social media, there […]

How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

According to Yahoo, 50% of consumers have made a purchase based on a recommendation on social media. A lot of businesses have taken to social media to promote their goods and services as the need for this cannot be overemphasized. However, before going online, business owners need to understand what platform works for their business and […]

Google Tag Manager Custom Templates – What & Why

google tag manager google create a custom

Digital marketing is nothing without accurate and measurable data. If you think plugging money over an over is what it takes, you’re set for a huge shock. Without getting key marketing metrics to understand actions that visitors are taking on your website, you wouldn’t make as much impact as you can. One way to get […]